How to Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID

Do you need to update your personal information such as how to change emirates id mobile number? In this article, we will guide you on how to do it step by step.

Mohammed is a worker in the UAE who has just changed his phone number and does not know how to update his ID. He worries about the consequences this might have for his job and his life in the UAE.

Mohammed had always been careful about keeping track of his personal information. So, when he changed his phone number a few months ago, he made sure to update all his essential documents with the new number.

But now, as he starts to experience problems with some of the digital services he relies on daily, Mohammed realizes that he may have made a mistake in updating his phone number without updating his Emirates ID number change as well.

He doesn’t know how to go about doing this, or what the consequences might be if he doesn’t update it soon. Mohammed is worried about how this might affect his job and life in the UAE. 

Mohammed has already solved his problem thanks to our information. It’s time for you to take the plunge and Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID.

How to change mobile number in Emirates ID Linked – ICA SMART SERVICES

There are many benefits to having your mobile phone number correctly registered with Emirates ID cards. If this is not the case, we will show you how to change your mobile number in the emirates id below:

1 Go to ICA SMART SERVICES website as show in picture 

change mobile id

2. Enter the information requested by the form.

  • Current Nationality * Select 
  • Identity Number
  • Family Book Number *
  • Passport No. *
  • Name (English) *
  • Date of Birth *
  • Email*
Enter the information requested

3 Enter your Emirates ID and change the mobile number with the new one.
You can change any service like change of address, change of nationality (emirati or non-emirati), change of gender etc.

Emirates ID and change the mobile number

Once we have entered our personal details in the form, we can check the current number we have linked to our Emirates ID.

This is when we can update our new phone number. Once we have the new number entered, we will click on send one time password and we will receive an OTP code.

Enter this code and click on CHECK OTP to verify it.

OK, your phone is now up to date. Remember that you can also edit your personal details of residence in the address’s info fields.

Finally tick I am not a Robot and press the next button. If the whole process has been done correctly, in step 2 your new updated data will appear correctly.

4. We will proceed to the payment of change mobile number fees.

payment of change number fees

5. Finally, a payment gateway should appear where you can enter your card details and the process will be completed.

When you have filled in all the information on the form correctly, a form will appear below for you to enter your mobile phone number and a real contact address.

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