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Looking for Emirates ID tracking? Knowing how to track Emirates ID status allows you to have a full overview of your ID process.

The Emirates ID card is the official identity card of the United Arab Emirates, more information about it can be found at Emirates ID card. The user can track their current status or card details using this service. It is very easy to make use of and it takes less than a minute to get the results.

emirates ID card status

The UAE government has streamlined the process for obtaining an id card tracking uae, putting valuable information and resources at your fingertips. You don’t require any special registration or password. Just visit the official website, input your PRAN or ID number, and follow the instructions to know ID card status.

This user-friendly system reflects our commitment to making services more accessible for residents, allowing them to find the information they need without enduring long phone queues or visiting customer service centres. Our goal is simple – we want you to be happy every day of your life! So, track your card now by reading this quick eid status guide.

How do I Track my Emirates ID Status?

To emirates id status check, you only need to complete the following 3 step to how to check Emirates ID status:

1. To start eid status check visit the official UAE government page.

2. Enter your Application Number (PRAN) or ID number into Emirates ID Application Status, as seen in the picture.

Check Application Status Emirayes ID Track
Emirates ID Application Status Track

3. Press Check button and your information will appear on screen.

Want to track my Emirates ID? Try our form now

Try our form to Emirates ID status check online:

Application Status (PRAN):
Enter application number or Emirates ID number in this form

Track you UAE ID status. This information can wait for 24 or 48 hours. If you do not receive a report, please contact us.

track my Emirates ID information
Emirates ID tracking

For those living in the UAE, managing identity and residency-related tasks has never been easier thanks to the introduction of ICA Smart Services. Offered by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), these digital services have been designed to streamline various processes, such as renewing your eid tracking your visa status, etc.

These ICA Smart Services are designed to be user-friendly and highly efficient. To better understand these services and how to utilize them effectively, we recommend visiting this in-depth guide on ICA Smart Services. This resource provides detailed instructions, making it even easier to navigate these id tracking services.

Card printer is done. What do I do now?

You have now finished to verify ID card status, the Emirates ID application indicates that your card printer has finished, this means that you can go ICA Emirates iID.

If your ID is 800220220324164xxxx with its 21 numbers, you can location check ID on the Emirates post tracking. Go to the web and enter PRAN number, information will appear.

☝ Can I only Emirates ID track online?

If you don’t want to do the query online, you can check your emirates id by calling customer service.

The GDRFA Dubai has announced a new video conferencing service (Ask Hamad) for visa issuance and renewal. This includes residence, golden, green, student and visitor visas.

With this service you can solve your doubts with this service.

Ask Hamad video conference service

  1. Go to ICA website https://icp.gov.ae/
  2. Click Live Chat (Ask Hamad)
  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Request Number and email, and chat

The visa application service is open from 8 AM to 6 PM every day, and we plan on eventually providing a round-the-clock experience. If customers encounter any delays in their process, they can connect with an officer directly through video conference for further assistance.


Call Center Phone ✆ 600 522222

The GDRFA Dubai has developed a reliable, fast and convenient service to help customers complete their visa process without having to visit the centre in person. With this new service, they are constantly striving for better customer experience by making the entire visa application process effortless. This is a remarkable way of optimizing speed and convenience while allowing everyone to access it easily!

Contact to ID Card status checking. Identify yourself by indicating your application or identification number and the operator will inform you immediately of the status of your Emirates Id.

In this video of our Youtube channel, we show you Emirates Id Status Check ICA process

How to get Emirates ID? Procedures to follow

If you are planning on living in the UAE, then getting an Emirates ID is a must. This will allow you to access many services and facilities that are only available for Emirati citizens. It also allows you to apply for residency visas and eventually citizenship if desired.

You can even use your Emirates ID as a form of identification when applying for jobs or opening bank accounts!

The process of obtaining your Emirates ID by Application Tracking is not difficult but it does require some patience and attention to detail. We have created this guide so that we can help make sure everything goes smoothly during the application process.

There are several steps involved but once they are completed, your new identity card will be ready within just 10 days! Let’s begin.

Here now to learn more about how to get an Emirates ID today!. The procedure for obtaining UAE citizenship is as follows::

  1. Application for entry visa is required
    The employee of a UAE-based company who has been hired and does business setup may obtain an entry permit. The residence visa is a prerogative of residence permits. It’s an electronic document that’s given to anybody applying for a visa.
    Entry permit is good for 60 days. You must first do a medical examination and apply for Emirates ID
  2. Checkup for a medical examination
    After your entry permit is granted, you must undergo a medical check-up. At any Preventive Medicine Centre, this is a required procedure. AIDS, Hepatitis B, and TB are all examined for in the tests. If the exam results are satisfactory, you may apply for a visa. If you’re under suspicion of having one of these illnesses
  3. Create an application for Emirates ID
    It can be completed in any of the Federal Identity and Immigration Authority’s offices. To expedite the procedure, many offices are located near Preventive Medicine Centres. Your eye scanning will be done, as well as fingerprint scans, during the application process. This biometric data will be maintained in the Authorities’ system, and you won’t have to go.
  4. Visa stamping in the UAE
    The final stage of Emirati residency is passport visa stamping. The majority of visas are valid for three years, although certain free zones and the Mainland allow you to obtain a two-year residence permit as an employee.

The validity of an Emirates ID card for UAE residents is dependent on the validity of your visa. If your need more information about, you can learm Emirates ID UAE information.

What is the price for identification? – Validity and Pricing Information

The cost of an emirates id card is in relation to the time of validity. Look at the table that you have shown below.

Validity timeCost
1 Year Validity170 AED
2 Years Validity 270 AED
3 Years Validity 370 AED

Remember that you have to provide your mobile phone number to assign your ID and receive follow-up via SMS messages.

⚠ Do you know when your UAE visa expires? Let’s face it; keeping track of the precise date may be difficult in the midst of a hectic schedule.

How to check Emirates ID status with passport number? You may either have your passport on you at all times to check youHow to Emirates ID check status with passport number?r UAE visa status in Authority Head Office – Khalifa city or discover additional ways to verify UAE visa validity online.

Do you have problems with your Emirates ID card? 4 steps to get your new ID

The use of identification cards such as the emirates id card, can cause problems in their use. misplacing your ID card or simply having it damaged does not have to be a problem, here we show you how to solve this situation.

Follow these instructions to renew an Emirates ID card:

  1. Report the incident Contact the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Centre to report the incident, so that your stolen or Losing ID card will be disabled as soon as possible. If you don’t have a copy of your missing ID, ask ICA for confirmation of its number or a copy of your ID. Bring the old card with you if the cards are damaged.
  2. Apply for ID card replacement Fill in an application form at any of ICA’s Customer Happiness Centers, or submit a request for replacement of ID card through the eForm on the ICA website, iTunes, or Google Play. 
  3. Make a payment for the fines. In case of applying through typing centers, the applicant must pay AED 300 for a replacement ID, in addition to application costs of AED 70 if applied through typing centers, or AED 40 if applied through the eForm on the ICA website.
    All UAE residents, GCC nationals, and foreign citizens are subject to these costs. AED 150 may be paid as an express ID replacement service at the Customer Happiness Centre of ICA main.
  4. Collect your new ID card You’ll be notified by ICA when the application has been received and the anticipated delivery date. Within 48 hours of submitting the replacement application, you will be issued an ID card.

If you need more information about Emirates ID renewal status process, you can see, how to Emirates Id renewal status? card with the information offered on this website.

One more thing ☝ Bring your identification papers with you when reporting the event.

  • The following items are required for persons from the United Arab Emirates: an original valid passport and a family book.
  • The GCC nations must produce a document to show that they reside in the UAE.
  • Non-citizen residents must present their original passport with a current residency permit stamp.
  • If the lost ID belongs to a minor under the age of 15, the parent must submit an original birth certificate and a passport photo with a white background to verify his or her identity

Reference Information on Emirates ID Tracking:

You can check Emirates ID card status using the “ID Card Status” service offered by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security – ICP. To do so, you can either enter your Application Number (PRAN) or your Emirates ID Number for Renewal / Replacement Applications. – https://icp.gov.ae/en/services/priority-services/id-card-status/

If you need to apply for a new Emirates ID card, you can do so either on the website of ICP or through an accredited typing center. You may need to visit one of the ICP service centers to provide your biometric details. – https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/visa-and-emirates-id/emirates-id