How to get ICA Approval with QR Code? Check Here Now

All travelers wishing to visit the UAE need to know that there is a new ICA QR Code requirement. The visitor can request their ICA QR code on the website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority of the United Arab Emirates.

How to get ICA Approval with QR Code

All visitors to the UAE are required to submit their information to the ICA check-in system before travel. Once you have registered, you will receive the ICA QR code in your registration email.

In this article we will offer you all the information you need to know. How to get ICA Approval with QR Code?.

Get you ICA Approval with QR Code – Step by Step

The complete process to get ICA Approval with QR Code is simple, you just need to enter the information in the form and upload the scanned documents that are requested. Your you ICA Approval is an important procedure just like getting your emirates ID if you plan to work or live longer in the UAE.

Step 1. Check Your ICA Green Status

In this point, you should check the ICA Red Green Status. If your status is GREEN you can proceed with the approval of the ICA QR code, however if your status is RED you will have to wait a few days.

Follow these indications to verify the status on the ICA website:

Check the ICA Red Green Status Form
  1. Goto ICA website:
  2. Enter your Emirates ID number.
  3. Enter your Passport Number.
  4. Select Passport Type.
  5. Select your Current Nationality.
  6. Finally Check ✔ I’m not a Robot reCAPTCHA and Push☝Check Button.

This service allows residents with valid resident visas to confirm entry/re-entry to the U.A.E.

You can provide this information to the UAE government via ICA Arrival Registration if you obtained two doses of the vaccination in your home country. This information is then used to determine the status of your App Green Pass. 

⚠️ ATENTION: The Covid-19 PCR test is not necessary for ICA arrival registration; nevertheless, if you have a Covid-19 PCR test report, you can upload it; nonetheless, this is an optional step that has no bearing on providing registration by QR code.

Stetp 2. Apply for ICA QR Code Approval

Before requesting the approval of the ICA QR Code, check that you have your documents to be uploaded in a format (.jpeg,.jpg,.pdf) that do not exceed 6MB in size. The passport image and your personal image are required in this format.

attachments info for approval the ICA QR Code

Are you ready to request your approval of the ICA QR Code?

let’s start

  1. Go to Register Arrivals and Vaccination certificates Attestation website page.
  2. Fill in all fields of the form Applicant Information correctly. (The QR send to you email. Please enter a personal email correct)
  3. Fill your Passpot Information correctly. (Passport Type*, Passport No*, Passport Issue Date * dd/MM/yyyy,,Passport Expiry Date *)
  4. Fill your Arrival Information – (Expected Arrival Date* dd/MM/yyyy, Arrival Port* and Departure Country*)
  5. Fill your Addres inside UAE destiny. (Emirate*, Detailed Address*)
  6. Vaccine information is not required.
  7. Check ✔  Declarations (Acepted), Check ✔ I not a Robot reCAPTCHA and Finish with Click Send Button

 🥇 ATENTION: Register Arrivals and Vaccination certificates Attestation official website is this:

It can be verified that the procedure is simple to upload the digital documents in the application, press the gray squares of the image.

documents attachment

This is our step-by-step guide on how to How to get ICA Approval with QR Code.

ICA Approval with QR Code result RESULT
ICA Approval with QR Code Result

The procedure is simple, it does not require great skills, simply fill in the fields with the correct information and get your QR code in your email. If you need more information or How to? or you have encountered any type of error, you can contact us to consult.