How many days will it take to get an Emirates ID after a medical test?

If you are thinking of living or working in the UAE, it is important to know some information related to your residence. One of the most important official documents that you must process is your emirates ID, a mandatory identification for all residents of the UAE.

How many days will it take to get an Emirates ID after a medical test

But to obtain this document you will have to be healthy, and to verify it, do a health test. How many days it will take to get emirates id after medical test?

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What is Emirates ID?

All UAE citizens and residents, including newborns, must have an Emirates ID issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It safeguards an individual’s identity and makes identification and verification easier in accordance with international standards. 

It’s given to you once your resident visa is stamped in your passport, and it’s good for the same amount of time as your visa.

Emirates ID is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Applying for various government services, such as DEWA, and so on.
  •  Under your visa, you can sponsor dependents.
  •  Getting an apartment to rent
  •  Using the e-gates at UAE airports for immigration

⚠️ NOTE: It is against the law to seize another person’s Emirates ID card, according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Companies are not permitted to refuse to issue Emirates ID cards to their workers, customers, or visitors. They are only permitted to take personal information from ID cards. Cardholders should report any violations to the appropriate authorities.

Emirates ID features, what you should know?

The following components make up the Emirates ID card, which provide the greatest levels of accuracy and security. 

The elements are as follows:

  • Smart card
  •  Public key infrastructure (Digital signature and authentication certificates)
  •  Biometrics based on fingerprints

How to get an Emirate ID?

The applicant must fill out an e-Form at one of the authorized typing centers or use the online form accessible on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s website to get an Emirates ID card (FAIC). 

The application will be followed by an SMS with instructions on when and where to register.To complete the formalities, the applicant must go to the registration center stated in the SMS. 

For information on the application procedure, needed paperwork, and costs for obtaining an Emirates ID status see the FAIC website. Expatriate inhabitants who are UAE nationals or GCC nationalities. For infants and foreign potential residents coming to the UAE, FAIC offers a package of services. Then, keep an eye on your Emirates ID application.

How Long Will It Take To Receive An Emirates ID?

Following your medical examination, you should go for biometrics for your Emirates ID processing. As soon as you finish the processing for the biometrics application of a residence permit (visa sticker), it will be forwarded to the immigration department.

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This procedure takes at least four business days. As soon as you begin the process of applying for a residence permit and pay the costs online, you will receive information that the courier person will visit your premises to collect the original passport and all the papers related to your residence permit. 

The courier returns with the passport, which has been officially stamped with the residency permit after four working days.

get your Emirates ID processing is a simple and straightforward procedure. It is completed concurrently with the processing of your visa. If you have an employment visa, your employer will usually apply for it. 

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