How to check Medical Insurance with Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID card is a government-issued and government-controlled identification card for Emirati citizens living in the UAE. It allows them to enter, exit, and work in the country as well as facilitate all kinds of transactions.

When one citizen has this card he enjoys benefits such as discounts on airline tickets and food items as well as free visas for other countries such as Iran and Kuwait.

The Emirates ID now provides an opportunity for citizens of the UAE to make their healthcare more affordable. This card lets you pay your medical bills by credit card and they provide a 24-hour emergency hotline. But, How to check medical insurance with Emirates ID? Important resolved this cuestion.

ID card as Medical Insurance in Emirates

The use of Emirates ID cards as health insurance is a new option that the government of the United Arab Emirates makes available to citizens to reduce fraud and use of fraudulent medical services. In this article, will information How to check insurance through Emirates ID

Check if your current insurance company is authorized to make this service compatible and forget about your old medical card, with your Emirates ID will be enough to enjoy medical assistance.

Can I use my Emirates ID card as Medical Insurance? 

The UAE medical insurance offers the ideal security net for every country in the UAE and to any individual who is living there. The coverage can provide access to international overseas hospitals and medical treatment; which are not available elsewhere in the country.

This coverage will provide full coverage at all public hospitals in Dubai or elsewhere in the country. But to have this support, you must check your emirates id status currently and check that it is not retired

It also provides many services such as maternity care, dental care, ambulance service, mental health care, childbirth expense, diabetic test strips, physiotherapy appointment with a physician, basic diagnostic tests of blood sugar levels, hearing aids, laser eye surgery expenses etc.

Through the Emirates identification number, health insurance providers in the UAE can check the status of coverage that the citizen has. This query is centralized in a database in Daman.

List of insurance companies that offer health care services with the emirates ID card:

  • Daman
  • Orient
  • Oman
  • Noor Takaful
  • RAK
  • Dar AI Takaful
  • Takaful Emarat

In these companies, only with the presentation of your emirates card you already have the medical coverage offered by the UAE government to its citizens.

Summary – how to check insurance with Emirates ID

To manage your health insurance in the UAE with an Emirates ID, follow these steps:

  1. Get an Emirates ID: Essential for health insurance. New in the UAE? Email your policy and ID numbers to your insurer once you receive them.
  2. Visit Insurer’s Website or App: Check your insurance details online. Use customer care for assistance if needed.
  3. Enter Emirates ID Details: Provide your ID number found on the card.
  4. Check Insurance Status: Online, verify if your insurance is active, view plan benefits, pending approvals, and network hospitals.
  5. Regularly Update: Monitor changes due to policy renewal or job changes.

Your Emirates ID acts as your medical card, making it simple to access healthcare benefits and stay informed about your coverage.

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