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Hi I am Shariff Badell your service assistan for Emirates and CEO of this website.

Actuality i´m living in Abu Dabi since 2012. I’m 49 years old

I was born in Marseille (France), from a humble entrepreneurial family, Study at the University of Aix Marseille to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management.

ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT LICENSE at Aix Marseille University Marseille (France): https: //www.univ-amu.fr/

Finished my degree and thanks to a scholarship granted by the university I have managed to do a Master in Economics at the University of San Francisco (EE.UU): https://www.usfca.edu/

For 2 years at that university I have done a Master in Economics with Successful completion.

Thanks to this experience I have found work in Abu Dhabi, representing international partnerships in the expansion of their business in the United Arab Emirates.

I can speak in 4 languages, French, English, Arabic and Spanish.

I have a professional office where I offer all kinds of services from international consulting to opening logistics businesses in the Emirates. I have extensive commercial experience and I offer my services through my website emiratesidcar.com and my social networks.

Knowledge & Experience

I have had 10 years of experience helping people validate their Emirates ID. The Emirates ID is a mandatory identification document for all citizens and residents of the UAE. It not only serves as a proof of identity, but it also enables individuals to access various government services, including health insurance and financial services. Hence, it’s essential to keep the Emirates ID updated and valid.

Validation of the Emirates ID involves checking the validity of the information on the card and ensuring that it’s up to date. The process can be done online or through authorized centers, and it’s quick and straightforward.

For visitors and external workers in the UAE, the process of obtaining an Emirates ID may differ. Visitors can apply for a temporary ID, which is valid for a specific duration and can be renewed. On the other hand, external workers must obtain a residency visa and an Emirates ID card, which is linked to their visa.

My experience has taught me that there are some simple steps that visitors and external workers can take to ensure a smooth validation process:

  • Keep personal information updated;
  • Ensure that the documents required are valid and up to date;
  • Carry relevant identification documents when visiting an authorized center.

Finally, regular updates of the Emirates ID can go a long way in helping individuals access government services without any hassles. The validation process is quick and straightforward, and ensuring that documents are in order can make the process hassle free. I hope this advice helps visitors and external workers in the UAE to validate their Emirates ID with ease.

Thank you for your time!

Shariff Badel, CEO of Emirates ID Card Company.

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This team helps me to be a better person, thanks to them.

Basima Yadeth

Logistic & Finance Expert


Marketing Head

Ghaada Almain

lawyer emirate expert

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