About me

Hi I am Shariff Badell your service assistan for Emirates and CEO of this website.

Actuality i´m living in Abu Dabi since 2012. I’m 49 years old

I was born in Marseille (France), from a humble entrepreneurial family, Study at the University of Aix Marseille to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management.

ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT LICENSE at Aix Marseille University Marseille (France): https: //www.univ-amu.fr/

Finished my degree and thanks to a scholarship granted by the university I have managed to do a Master in Economics at the University of San Francisco (EE.UU): https://www.usfca.edu/

For 2 years at that university I have done a Master in Economics with Successful completion.

Thanks to this experience I have found work in Abu Dhabi, representing international partnerships in the expansion of their business in the United Arab Emirates.

I can speak in 4 languages, French, English, Arabic and Spanish.

I have a professional office where I offer all kinds of services from international consulting to opening logistics businesses in the Emirates.

I have extensive commercial experience and I offer my services through my website emiratesidcar.com and my social networks.

This is my Team

This team helps me to be a better person, thanks to them.

Basima Yadeth

Logistic & Finance Expert


Marketing Head

Ghaada Almain

lawyer emirate expert

You can contact me to consult my services on my contact page.